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Julie Atri, Founder & Mother

Ayurvedic health practitioner and vegan lifestyle advocate

” I created Elive Food to share my recipes with others, who, like me, want to feed themselves and their families the best organic plant-based nutrition available. “
As a child, I was brought up with the principles of Ayurveda, which emphasizes that your kitchen is your pharmacy. The food you eat can either be the best medicine or poison…


We are a plant based family of four

I’ve tried to make delicious vegan cauliflower pizza dough a dozen times, but it never turns out how I’d like it to and I’m always exhausted after trying. We are a plant based family of four with a new baby arriving in a few weeks, so the convenience and freshness of your product is particularly great for us right now. In fact, I’m beyond excited by your products as I love all things pizza or toast and your product is a perfect solution for me. Now my kids beg for “pizza” and “cauliflower toast.”

Leslie, Santa Barbara, CA

Clean, whole ingredients!

Mini Cauliflower crust pizzas for the win🤩 Here’s an easy and delicious lunch recipe that you can make.
The crusts I used are from @elivefood are only made from clean whole ingredients and take only about 12 minutes to make! (I bought them from the Co op in Santa Monica)

Happy Customer

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