Plant Based

Dairy Soy & Grain Free

Organic Ingredients

Our Philosophy

Live A Sustainable Lifestyle And Take Control Of Your Health By Consuming Organic, Alive, High Nutrition Food
We Are What We Eat!

Julie Atri,
Founder & Mother

I feel that food brings us all together and eating delicious food is one of the great pleasures in life. Conversations are just that much better when they are had over dessert.   

When it comes to dessert I don’t want to have to choose between Great Taste and Great Nutrition. While Plant based food is great for my body, I also want it to taste great. I created our Cashew Cheesecakes because cheesecake is one of my favorite desert and many vegan cheesecakes out there taste literally like medicine, or have an after taste, or include ingredients that are not good for me or the planet.

The proof is in the pudding, our cheesecakes taste amazing! Made of all organic recognizable ingredients, no processed sugars, they are free of gluten, highly nutritious, and we trace the origin of our ingredients to verify their integrity. Our Cheesecakes are no bake, so they are raw except for maple syrup. We make these cakes in small batches and people who make the cakes Love what they do so there is that extra love in every bite.

Our cake containers are all recyclable and made of partially or entirely recycled material. We are constantly on hunt for packaging that is better for the planet because we love our planet.  We are sure that you will love these amazing cakes as much as we do!

I believe that there is a balance in living with respect for all natural things (all things period) which brings about it’s own order and discipline that is immensely beautiful. We must preserve and protect this balance so that future generations can enjoy what mother earth has to offer.

In today’s society where everyone is too busy, most often the quality of food is the thing that is sacrificed the most. I want to hold space for people who are searching for a better, healthier way of life to attend to their whole being.

Our commitment to a healthy

By using Organic ingredients, we support regenerative farming practices.

Reducing waste and recycling is on top of our list. Our packaging is made of at least partially if not entirely recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

We are constantly on hunt for compostable and recyclable packaging and continuously updating our packaging for a safer and better future.
Please reuse and recycle our packaging.