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[trx_section title=”About Elive Food” top=”large” bottom=”large”][trx_promo bg_image=”1036″ image=”1093″ image_position=”right” description=”Elive food is a collection of health conscious, Plant based, organic, GF, High nutrition products, but so much more. It’s a platform were people can be empowered through knowledge to take back control of their health and choose the nutrition path that is right for them.

Knowledge is power. My podcast focuses on topics such as why eating locally grown organic foods is the single most important thing you can do for your health. The importance of whole ancient grains to getting your body in more alkaline state. Mindset and the power of asking questions. How do thoughts effect your health and how can one move toward wholistic living to enrich the body, mind, and spirit. The role exercise play in your overall health. The protein myth. We interview people who are taking the steps to take charge of their health by educating themselves and then applying the knowledge.

I share plant based recipes that are simple, nutritious and taste great. Simplifying is the key to cooking healthy meals. When you start with great ingredients, you end up with delicious meals. I talk about how to read labels on products and how to find hidden poison in food. How to think ahead when traveling to make sure you are ready to travel without sacrificing healthy eating habits. I share ideas and recipes for kids meals and how you can turn adult meals into kids meals just by altering small things.

We are in the age of information, I call it the age of information overload. The result? Often times there is too much conflicting information which leaves people confused and paralyzed. We must be able to sift through all the information provided, simplify it, use what serves us best and discard the rest.” class=”greyText”][/trx_promo][/trx_section]

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