California Cities Mandate Restaurant Closures


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Last Sunday governor Newsom announced a second mandated restaurant closure after the COVID case numbers have steadily risen over the past few months. With projections that Thanksgiving week would elicit another major spike in cases, the call was made to temporarily shut-down Los Angeles restaurants, as well as some cities in the Bay Area and beyond for at least three weeks. The astronomical number of Covid cases re-emerging over the past month and a half has been a great cause for concern, even if many of us predicted this year’s flu season to be especially bad. The virus’s rapid resurgence has dramatically impacted our health care facilities, as well as our financial opportunities, careers, and day-to-day schedules. Beyond the obvious health concerns and lost lives, the emotional damage has also been overwhelming. People feel scared, lonely, bored, and most of all- disconnected from friends, family, and colleagues more than perhaps ever before. Simple gestures like handshakes, hugs, and high-fives are unthinkable at this point in the pandemic, much less an in-person gathering or a meal out.

The news of this most recent restaurant shut-down has hurled us into a moment reminiscent of March and April when we were living in full-fledged home quarantine, which has left many devastated and others hopeful. Without a doubt, the intention is to slow the spread and to reduce deaths until a vaccine is available. But this has also come at a time when we rely on restaurant workers to not only feed into our economy but also to provide an invaluable service for us living within an urban environment. And although take-out orders are still encouraged, most restaurants will not be able to accommodate this small-scale nature of to-go food, which may result in widespread permanent closures across California. So as we continuously pivot and transition our daily schedules to accommodate this virus, we find ourselves seeking solutions for the time-consuming tasks that now add up during our day, such as feeding ourselves and our families health-based food without restaurants to lean on.                                                                                                                                      

Amid busy working schedules and schooling, it can be understandably difficult to provide nourishment to those we love- including ourselves!. After all, millions of Southern Californians rely on restaurants not just for prepared food and invaluable convenience, but also for the social aspect of bringing family and friends together during these uncertain times. And with the winter holidays just weeks away, we will all have to adjust our expectations for this winter season. As restaurants were the main meeting ground for socially distanced visits with friends and family, we can all expect to experience a bit more solitary time than the holidays typically call for. Perhaps there are a few silver linings to this pandemic after all!

Here’s one silver lining born out of 2020: 

Delivery redefined.

And what’s even better than that?

Vegan delivery.

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