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Want to follow your hearts desire to improve your health? Join our next Carnivores Anonymous meeting with featured speaker and vegan entrepreneur Julie Atri. Her story will inspire and encourage you to take the next step no matter what stage you are in your journey toward better health. Carnivores Anonymous meetings offer 12-step support to help you reverse chronic illness, lose weight, and increase vitality by adopting a plant-based diet:

Julie Atri is a vegan entrepreneur who owns EliveFood providing plant-based products, recipes and nutrition consulting for individuals, restaurants, and corporations. Julie’s path is one of the wounded healer. Born into a vegetarian family that practiced Ayurvedic medicine, she noticed adverse health affects when they moved to the United States and adopted the standard American diet. After having a fibroid and watching both of her previously healthy parents die of illnesses, she decided to take her diet, her life, and her family’s health into her own hands. Now Julie offers nutrition consulting and corporate wellness programs. She has a line of vegan, organic, gluten-free superfood products sold in many local stores. Julie’s transformation happened because she followed her heart and was patient with herself. Get inspired by Julie’s full story at our Carnivores Anonymous meeting!

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