Catering for the Vegan; Why Providing Options is the New Norm


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Running a catering company is no easy feat. Especially now with so many known food allergies, preferences, and a wealth of current information, it has become increasingly more difficult to tailor large quantities of healthy food to your client’s diverse needs. One of the best ways to ensure your catering experience is a positive one for everyone is to provide a multitude of options. From gluten-free bread and grains to vegetarian and vegan options, your best bet is to provide choices. Catering has so many unique tributaries, from weddings and events to corporate meetings, parties, and movie sets. Here are a few tips for some of the most common catering circumstances.

Weddings and Events

Weddings are perhaps the most overwhelming event to cater for, as the happy couple (or their wedding planner) has intimately handpicked each item on the menu with intention and love. This special day serves to tell a story, share an intimate moment in time, a memory that will never be forgotten. And in the true nature of celebration and togetherness, food is one of the most important aspects of this very special day. Because of this, it has become increasingly more common that couples choose a gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free wedding cake so that all of their beloved guests may enjoy their big moment together. Unconsciously leaving friends and family out of the celebration through food exclusivity is a total shame. Luckily, you can ensure all of your client’s guests and loved ones feel included and considered when you opt for Vegan deserts or a  Vegan Cake Delivery. Elive Foods offers a masterful raw vegan cheesecake that is undeniably decadent and worthy of serving as the principal wedding cake!

Catering for the Set

Catering for movie sets and large production ensembles is a big task, no matter how experienced or prepared you are. Moreover, with so many people and a large portion of celebrities adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle, it has become a necessity to include vegan options on set and during production catering. Celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Ariana Grande, and even Ellen DeGeneres are all outspoken vegans who advocate for the vegan lifestyle and expect (understandably) to be provided with top-notch vegan food options wherever they go. Using their influence, these big names have inspired thousands of fans and followers to take an interest in veganism. While this movement is finally entering into the public eye and gaining some traction, it’s still in such an infantile form, that finding delicious and real vegan food to use for your caterings can be difficult and frustrating to source. Luckily, here in Los Angeles, where Vegan Meal Delivery and Vegan Food Product Suppliers have become more common, there are a few companies, such as Elive Food, that make some of the Best Vegan Desserts in Los Angeles and Cauliflower Vegan Pizza Crusts. Locally made in Los Angeles, Elive Food has made it super easy to provide your clients with real, nutritious vegan food with their premade pestos, pizza crusts, burger buns, and a plethora of Vegan Raw Cashew Cheesecakes! Arrive on set with the most nutritious, alternative food for the hardworking cast and crew so they can thrive during grueling hours on set. While you could source from Sweet Lady Janes, or other famous Los Angeles Cake Shops and Bakeries, Elive Food has the cleanest, most affordable vegan options sure to delight your clients!

Corporate Events

Lastly, one of the most common and important catering jobs is for corporate events and company business meetings. Coming together through food to connect, share ideas, lockdown deals, and forge relationships is an age-old practice. Today, in order to help your client’s impress their team, their clients, and their potential partners, it is vital that you provide top-quality food that offers inclusivity for all people. Vegan, raw, gluten-free, keto, and vegetarian food are all welcomed and much appreciated by their valued constituents. Great Los Angeles Vegan Food Suppliers can be hard to come by. Check out Elive Food to see their many products, catering options, and deals! Currently offering convenient Free Local Delivery within a 5-10 mile radius for the month of July for orders over $100, Elive Food makes it easier than ever to satisfy your client’s needs with the best vegan food in los Angeles!

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