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Create a Happy, Healthy Workplace.

We’ll Create a specialized program that works for you.


Healthy employees are productive

Healthy employees are happy employees and happy people contribute positive attributes to their workplace. Whether you are a Big Corporation or a small to medium company, you want empowered workforce. People who are excited about their job and their workplace take pride their work contributing ideas for the betterment of the whole.

There are many benefits for the employers in making sure that they provide a thriving workplace where everyone can reach their full potential. Providing child care is just one way to help your employee’s productivity. Educating them to take better care of mind body and spirit is truly empowering them.Employers can enjoy many benefits when they provide corporate wellness programs.


Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs.

We are here to help create a specialized program that works for you. We offer mindset seminars, healthy food and juice deliveries, healthy recipes and food prep tips, weekly farm box delivery, yoga and fitness exercise programs for your workplace.

vegan farm box

Gain a workforce who is dedicated, focused and contributing.


Lower their health insurance costs

from our kitchen to yours2

Enjoy tax benefits for providing such programs

Matcha heart cheesecake

Happy work environment


Mind Wellness

– Inspire employees

– Productive thinking

– Focus meditation

– Yoga classes

– Nutrition talks Q/A

– Clean eating

– Customized as needed

Body Wellness

– Nutrition talks Q/A

– Group exercise

– Yoga classes

– Farm box delivery

– Juice/Snacks/Lunch

– Healthy Recipes

– Customized as needed


– Overall fitness program

– Nutrition talks Q/A

– Group exercise

– Yoga classes

– Meditation Classes

– Farm box delivery

– Customized as needed

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