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Below are the answers to most commonly asked questions.
If we didn’t cover your questions or concern, please email us at for immediate attention


Yes. Please email us at if you would like to pick up your order from our downtown Joshua Tree locaiton. We will help you process your order and have it ready for pick up. It’s easy. 

Yes. Please email us at We will process your order via phone and have it ready for pick up at our downtown Joshua Tree pick up location.

We Deliver to local addresses only that are within 10 mile to our location. The delivery fee is $20. Please email is at to place your order. Once the order is placed we can schedule your delivery. Alternatively, feel fre to checkout online and we will ship via UPS.


All our cakes and other products are Peanut Free but NOT nut free. Please read ingredients carefully for any allergy consideration.
Yes! our cakes and products are 100% Vegan.
Yes! Our cakes and products are 100% High Nutrition Plant Based.
We use all Gluten Free ingredients, so all our cakes and products are free of Gluten. Our current facility is not Gluten Free.
Yes! Our cakes and products are 100% Dairy Free (including egg, milk, cheese Free). We are also Soy Free.
We use ALL 100% Certified Organic ingredients in our cakes and products. Our cakes and products themselves are not Certified Organic.


All our shipments are packed in thermal box liners. Inside the liners we use Dry Ice to make sure your shipment arrives in perfect condition and frozen. Take care while opening the box. USE A TONG to remove any left-over Dry Ice (do NOT touch Dry Ice with bare hands). Leave the Dry Ice outdoors, away from animals so it can evaporate. If there is Ice pack(s) in your shipping box you may reuse it. Just place it in your freezer and reuse as desired.
Your cake will arrive in it’s own recyclable container. Your cake is pre-sliced with 10 servings. You can take out a number of slices at a time and leave the rest in the same container in the freezer for later consumption.
If you will be using all 10 slices at the same time you can place the cake in the fridge the night before and it will be ready the next day. You can also take out number of slices and place them on the counter to defrost maximum 20 minutes prior to consuming.
No! you do not want to leave the cake on the counter for a long period of time.
Depending on the temperature the cake should take about 30 minutes to defrost to eat. Alternatively, you can place the whole cake in fridge the night before you want to consume it.
Depending on the temperature the cake should take about 15 minutes to defrost to eat. You can place the frozen slice in your fridge for later consumption. It will be fine in the fridge for upto 5 days. It will be freshest if you move it into the fridge the night before consumption.
We don’t recommend re-freezing the cake after it’s been Fully defrosted. You can place it back in the freezer if it’s Not fully defrosted for later use.


Our cakes are perishable, for that reason all purchases are non-refundable. We value you as a customer so if you have any issues please email us at and we will make it right.
We accept all major credit cards via PayPal. Shipping varies depending on where you are located in the USA. All our shipments are packaged with Dry Ice and are delivered frozen to your location.
UPS delivery from our location to any location in Southern California is normally 1 – 2 days. UPS delivery to Northern California is normally 2 day delivery. Cost is calculated on the site for UPS delivery.

We ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to make sure your cake(s) are delivered by Friday. All Orders placed by Sunday are shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to ensure proper 2 day and overnight delivery.

We use UPS to ship our orders. Once shipped order will most likely arrive within 1-2 days under normal circumstances.
We want you to have your cake right away. Your order should arrive within 1-2 days of us shipping it depending on your location. You will receive a tracking number via email you when placing your order. Feel free to contact us if there is an issue with your shipment.

We are based out of Joshua Tree, California. We ship all around the USA. CLICK HERE to place an order. You can also find our cake slices at specialty southern California markets. To find these markets and cafés CLICK HERE.

Further East you are from California the higher the UPS shipping cost. Most of our customers in these areas opt for 2 cake delivery. This way they get 15% discount on their cakes and save on overall shipping as both cakes are shipped in the same box. As the cakes arrive frozen it’s easy to keep them in freezer for further use.

Are you a grocery store, restaurant, or café and want to carry our delicious assortment of cakes? Feel free to email us for options at We look forward to connecting with you.