Joshua Tree Must-Haves for the Elevated Lifestyle


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For those who haven’t yet visited this desert oasis, this vast landscape can easily conjure imagery of a western film set- complete with horses, jackrabbits, and tantalizing sunsets. For those who live in Joshua Tree, the day to day reality isn’t far off. This is a place where health-food reigns supreme, the adventure enthusiast is never bored, and yogis enjoy their practice in quiet serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of typical southern California city life. 

And although this healthy lifestyle is only growing more each year, the local population is still relatively small. This is both a blessing and a curse, as finding real health-food for the vegan is not always easy. If you live in Southern California or if you’re visiting from out of state, what can you expect to find on your next visit to Joshua Tree? What activities are out there waiting for you in this picturesque landscape? What kinds of food, hotels, and homestays are available? And if you live in Joshua Tree, where might you find the best food to feed your plant-based family?

Here is a go-to list of the best-kept desert secrets you can’t miss while in Joshua Tree, California.

For the Adventure-types

Joshua Tree National Park is the ultimate playground to fulfill your desert hiking dreams. With a reasonable day-pass rate, and the ability to camp on the grounds, this park is a camper’s paradise. During the day you can set out on a mountain bike excursion or opt for a long hike in the sun amongst the tall, cartoonish Joshua Trees. With so much open space, you won’t run into many others, like at some heavily trafficked national parks.

For the Plant-Based Eaters

Although you’re far from any health-food stores or vegan restaurants, there are a few plant-based vegan kitchens ready to satiate your healthy cravings. Elive Food, a vegan food supplier from Los Angeles, now has a location in Joshua Tree! Recognizing a need for healthy alternatives to the limited desert diet, Julie Atri and her family now provide their amazing vegan products in the desert! You can order your goods online and have them delivered straight to your door. Simply visit for products, plant-based recipes, and testimonials from some of their happy customers.

To Treat Yourself

Joshua Tree is home to an abundance of healing elements- from the sun and the mountains to the natural hot springs and the starry nights. These unique mineral pools contain vital healing properties that rejuvenate the skin and soothe the senses. With Joshua Tree’s spiritual culture and otherworldly essence, it only makes sense to enjoy these natural wonders during your visit to this magical landscape. Most of the Airbnbs in the area offer hot tubs that are naturally filled with hot spring water. These natural waters heal your skin, leaving it baby-smooth and energetically aligned even days after you leave the desert.

To Stay In

With a variety of welcoming Airbnb’s, there’s no shortage of cute desert getaways to choose from. From little boho bungalows to sweeping retreat-like estates, you can gather safely with friends in a large home or enjoy a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other. With few hotel choices in Joshua Tree, most opt to stay in a host’s little slice of heaven for a more personalized, local feel. And if you’re craving a truly unique experience, try The Castle House, a little phenomenon in itself. This captivating stay emulates a white castle in the middle of the desert. Driving onto the grounds, you enter in-between two grand circular castle walls and proceed to your luxury glamping tent which includes a full-size bed, a couch, rugs, and chairs. There is a fire-pit outside and acres of open land to enjoy the peace and quiet calm of the desert.

There you have it. Now that you know the best places to stay, the top-notch vegan food to eat, and the adventures just waiting in the great outdoors, your next trip to Joshua Tree will be an unforgettable escape!

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