In L.A., it’s not enough to eat clean. These days, almost every celebrity from Ellen DeGeneres to Joaquin Phoenix is embracing the plant-based lifestyle. From celeb-endorsed diets like keto to health-focused trends like intermittent fasting, Los Angeles is home to some of the most earth-shaking developments in plant-based cuisine.

Enter Elive Food, a vegan cake delivery company that’s truly changing the game.

Take it from Julie Atri, the founder of Elive: Plant-based is simply better. While veganism has been a trend in Hollywood for awhile now, the quality of vegan treats around town varies wildly. From vegan cupcake stores that use heaps of chemicals and shortening in their treats to widely-publicised plant-based burger alternatives with far too many additives, there are plenty of vegan options out there that are totally unhealthy despite the “health food” label. So how do make the distinction between healthy vegan food and straight-up junk food?

Elive has the answer. Anyone who’s looking for the best Vegan desserts in Los Angeles needs to know about Atri’s famous raw cheesecake, made completely of organic, plant-based materials. When it comes to vegan desserts, basket delivery, and vegan craft services in L.A., Elive is forging a whole new path.

For many vegans in L.A., it’s not just about helping keep the planet safe and healthy by staying away from meat. It’s about more than that. Veganism has become a bonafide lifestyle in the past decade, with new businesses popping up to serve the community need. Today, it’s common for actors, directors, and Hollywood power players to say no to red meat and animal products. Because of this, the best vegan desserts in Los angeles are suddenly easier to find than ever.

Not all of the newer vegan outlets are exactly healthy, however. Growing up, Atri’s family made everything they ate. They knew where everything came from, from milk and cheese to bread and water. Once she came to the States, she saw an opening. Using her mother’s ayurvedic background to serve as inspiration for Elive, Julie started thinking about food in a different way. What if vegan food could taste delicious without all the extra sugar, fat and preservatives? What if a vegan lifestyle was something that could be easily achieved absolutely anywhere in L.A., facilitated by vegan craft services for film shoots, food trucks, and fine dining establishments?

In the past few years, Atri’s vision has become a reality. Using only sustainable, fresh ingredients, she crafts one-of-a-kind vegan cakes, pie crusts, pizzas, and desserts for private parties, industry professionals, and film shoots across L.A. Atri’s expertise has also led to a successful plant-based diet consulting business. It’s not just celebrities who are trying to turn their lives around. Thanks to Elive’s vegan meal delivery service, it’s easier than ever to commit to a clean lifestyle no matter where you are. Late nights spent on set are no longer an excuse for poor health choices. Whether you’re looking to change your life around or you’re simply interested in learning more about the benefits of a plant-based diet, Elive is the perfect place to start.

If you live in L.A., you don’t have to struggle to find plant-based options anymore. No more late night searches for “vegan sweets near me” or “vegan food delivery near me.” Elive Food delivers fresh, completely plant-based foods to private homes and film sets all over Los Angeles. Don’t miss out on L.A.’s hottest new trend. If you’re curious about following a plant-based diet without missing out on the deliciousness of your favorite desserts, you need to reach out to Elive Food today.

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