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Our philosophy for safer and healthier tomorrow. We reduce our footprint by living a sustainable lifestyle Our food is medicine and medicine is our food Live healthy by consuming alive, high nutrition, organic food


As a child, Julie was brought up with the principles of Ayurveda and whole food plant based diet. Ayurveda emphasizes that our kitchen is our pharmacy. The food we eat can either be the best medicine or poison.

As Julie's family migrated to the North East USA in the 70’s the first thing that changed was their diet. Overnight gone were the days where they shopped at open market straight from the farmers. The open market farmers were replaced by packaged food at the supermarkets. They missed the joy of running into their friends at the market and conversations with the farmers. They were no longer eating foods that were “in season” or local. This new lifestyle had negative effects on her personal health in the form of weight gain. At the time being so young Julie didn’t know why that was happening until much later in her life when she started educating herself on food and how it directly affects our health and wellbeing.

After experimenting with many types of diets Julie traveled back to her roots of whole food, high quality plant based, high nutrition lifestyle. One of her passions is to use Indian cooking influences and spices to create high nutrition, mouthwatering dishes. She is a mother of an 11 year old daughter and proud of her whole household to be leading a whole food plant based organic vegan lifestyle. Her desire and hope is to show all people that vegan lifestyle is not only possible but enjoyable and delicious. She believes that one person’s meal doesn’t require another life being sacrificed. There is a balance in living with respect for all natural things (all things period) which brings about it’s own order and discipline that is immensely beautiful. Julie believes that we must preserve and protect this balance so that future generations can enjoy what mother earth has to offer.

In today’s society where everyone is too busy, most often the quality of food is the thing that is sacrificed the most. Julie want to hold space for people who are searching for a better, healthier way of life to attend to their whole being 🙏🏽

Our Philosophy

Elive food is a collection of health conscious, Plant based, organic, GF, High nutrition products, but so much more.

It’s a platform were people can be empowered through knowledge to take back control of their health and choose the nutrition path that is right for them.

Knowledge is power. Elive Food podcast focuses on topics such as why eating locally grown organic foods is the single most important thing you can do for your health. The importance of whole ancient grains to getting your body in more alkaline state. Mindset and the power of asking questions. How do thoughts effect your health and how can one move toward wholistic living to enrich the body, mind, and spirit. The role exercise play in your overall health. The protein myth. We interview people who are taking the steps to take charge of their health by educating themselves and then applying the knowledge.

Julie shares plant based recipes that are simple, nutritious and taste great. Simplifying is the key to cooking healthy meals. When you start with great ingredients, you end up with delicious meals. Julie talks about how to read labels on products and how to find hidden poison in food. How to think ahead when traveling to make sure you are ready to travel without sacrificing healthy eating habits. Julie shares ideas and recipes for kids meals and how you can turn adult meals into kids meals just by altering small things.

We are in the age of information, Julie calls it the age of information overload. The result? Often times there is too much conflicting information which leaves people confused and paralyzed. We must be able to sift through all the information provided, simplify it, use what serves us best and discard the rest.

Our commitment to safe and healthy tomorrow

We must all do our part in reducing our footprint for a healthy and happy tomorrow. By using Organic ingredients we support regenerative farming practices. Reducing waste and recycling is on top of our list. Our packaging includes reusable glass bottles and jars, recyclable plastic and cardboard, and our cake containers are made of partially recycled material and are fully recyclable. Please reuse and recycle our packaging.

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