Tasty Whole Food Recipes

Did you know carrots come in different colors?
Did you know adding plants to your diet can help you live a longer & healthier life?
Did you know that plants and grain have protein?
Did you realize animals get their proteins from plants?
Let’s go straight to to the source for our nutrition.

Dressing Up Your Favorite Vegan Dishes

As someone who adopts veganism into their diet, the challenge has always been in finding flavorful alternatives to the classic dishes we love so much. Iconic American food like cheeseburgers,…

Catering for the Vegan; Why Providing Options is the New Norm

Running a catering company is no easy feat. Especially now with so many known food allergies, preferences, and a wealth of current information, it has become increasingly more difficult to…

Our Top Los Angeles Vegan Dining Picks

For many vegans across the globe, the months during COVID 19 were a truly difficult time. Even before the widespread pandemic, the options for eating out and finding real vegan…

Oat Almond Pancakes

Oat Almond Pancakes are delicious, Vegan, Grain Free, Gluten Free and High Nutrition. Enjoy them for breakfast or snack and know that you are creating something amazing to feed your body and soul.

Cranberry Granola- Vegan GF

Vegan GF granola. Great for adults and kids alike. It’s nutritious and taste great. It’s great item to bring with you while you travel.

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