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Elive Food is a godsend for someone who strives to eat maximally nutritious and absolutely delicious plant-based foods! The cauliflower pizza crust and buns have been life changing for me. Now that I have Elive’s Cheese Sauce, with own fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil,, I can make the most delicious pizza – drizzle some of Elive’s Caesar sauce over crispy romaine, and I’m in heaven! And save some room for Elive’s Rocky Shore or Strawberry cheese cake — the best!
Peggy La Cerra
Ojai CA
I would have never known that this is a vegan caesar salad dressing, if you didn’t tell me. I don’t like vegan food but this dressing is amazing. Taste just like a caesar.
Just wanted to reach out and tell you that our family absolutely loves your Cauliflower Pizza Crust!! Thank you for making such a delicious and fun product.
All the best, Wendy
We had cauliflower burger buns by @elivefood tonight. The cauliflower buns are our new fave! Light and delicious and they don’t fall apart.
Julie & Lee
Pasadena, CA
Yes Yes Yes !! absolutely love the Millet Tortillas!! I have had them heated up with hummus, veggies and/or avocado and salsa!!I’ve also had them with nut butter and cinnamon and berries!! So delish!! I love them! I’m for sure a totally happy, new customer!! Thank you thank you!! Woot! Love those Millet Tortillas Elive food Rocks!!
Ann, west
Los Angeles, CA
I can see how much thought has gone into creating the balance of the rose and cardamom flavors. At first bite I thought maybe i wanted to taste more cardamom then I wanted more rose but as I kept digging into the slice the flavor balance was just perfect. This cake is delicious!
I loved the strawberry cheesecake I bought from Co-op Santa Monica. The cake was amazing and gone in 3 minutes. I like that the container is made of recycled plastic and recyclable.
Thank you.
Fabulous cheesecake! Thanks so much for creating this delicious cheesecake. It was a slice of heaven and makes me want to become a vegan!
Hello!I’ve tried to make delicious vegan cauliflower pizza dough a dozen times, but it never turns out how I’d like it to and I’m always exhausted after trying. We are a plant based family of four with a new baby arriving in a few weeks, so the convenience and freshness of your product is particularly great for us right now. In fact, I’m beyond excited by your products as I love all things pizza or toast and your product is a perfect solution for me. I discovered them in the large and small size at Montecito Village Grocery and now my kids beg for “pizza” and “cauliflower toast.” Thank you for making a truly plant based versatile and delicious product we can all enjoy! I hope your business is thriving and that you can bring your products to more people.Cheers,
Santa Barbara, CA
Cauliflower patties are super user friendly to individualize them. I see the crust being great for making for more people. I like toasting one and having it accompany a salad for example. My faux bread!
Los Angeles, CA
I have tried many vegan cheesecakes out there and I am usually disappointed. Not this time, Elive Food cheesecake is delicious and satisfying. And the caesar sauce is the Best I have ever had. It taste just like a caesar salad dressing but with much better ingredients. Yum!
Los Angeles, CA
Amazing Vegan Organic GF Cauliflower crust Pizza.
Debra Voulgaris
Venice, CA
I purchased Elive Food’s pestos from Follow your heart and I LOVE them all. I can taste and see the quality ingredients listed on the products and I appreciate the fact that all the ingredients are purchased at the local farmer’s market. It’s wonderful to have a product like this in my hands. I compare it to a high end pate` that could be served at the highest places. All around totally excellent product. Thank you! Please keep going.
Chatsworth, CA
It’s so goood!! Delish! Thank you Julie!
Westwood, CA
We love having you and your beautiful crusts… Delish!! Our customers appreciate having access to such clean, tasty, and healthy cauliflower pizza crust and buns. Our market is all about having such products available.
Ernest, Rainbow bridge
Ojai CA
Mini Cauliflower crust pizzas for the win🤩 Here’s an easy and delicious lunch recipe that you can make.The crusts I used are from @elivefood are only made from clean whole ingredients and take only about 12 minutes to make! (I bought them from the Co op in Santa Monica)

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