The Best Vegan Foods For the Fall Festivities


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Its officially the start of the holiday season, and we couldn’t be more excited! Seasonal food, fun decorations, planning outfits and events- what isn’t to love about the fall festivities? October 1st marks a distinct transition into the start of the seasonal celebrations, starting with Halloween. And although this year’s holiday parties might look a bit different than previous years, we’re still planning on making food, celebrating with family and friends, and incorporating every bit of normalcy we can into our favorite celebrations. Whether your holiday party will be socially distanced outdoors, a masked indoor gathering or a virtual get-together via Zoom, we’ve got the best guilt-free vegan dishes to accompany your favorite fall festivities.

Autumnal flavors are some of the most delicious, robust, and heart-warming foods available here in North America. Fall food such as squash and a variety of seasonal veggies, are healthful, plant-based foods that can be swiftly transformed into mouth-watering dishes for everyone to enjoy. Bringing food to a holiday party is always a bit nerve-wracking, never quite knowing what people will like, or what food allergies might exist out there. By sticking to plant-based food, you have a better chance of making your dish available to all guests, no matter how extreme their dietary restrictions are. Below we have a handful of tantalizing classic fall crowd-pleasers updated for the vegan that you can feel confident in!

Fruit and Veggie Platters

One of the safest, yet tastiest treats you could bring to a group gathering, is an assorted fruit or vegetable platter. The options are truly endless, allowing you to get creative with your hand-picked items and arrange them as artistically as you please. For a delicious fruit platter, consider choosing fruits that will go with other dishes brought to the party. Some great fall fruits are dates, oranges, apples, pears, figs, and grapes. Of course, strawberries and blueberries are always a safe bet, though are considered summer berries rather than autumnal fruits. For a delicious vegetable assortment, pick from fall veggies such as carrots, string beans, broccoli, celery, and tomatoes for a cold dish accompanied by a few dips. You can also oven roast your veggies prior to serving, which may allow you to get a bit more creative. Roasted squash, oven-baked carrots, asparagus, beets, and cauliflower would go wonderfully together. Bake in a large dish and serve as one big roasted veggie platter with marinated flavors making these fall favorites hard to forget!

Desserts to Die For

Bring a dessert to a gathering, and you can’t go wrong. With something for everybody, desserts are basically the safest best. And even safer bet? A guilt-free vegan dessert that everyone can enjoy. Using a cashew crust, naturally sweet dates, and no animal byproducts, you can create a healthy, vegan cheesecake that will surprise and delight your friends and family for years to come. If you’re not a confident baker, not to worry. Source the best vegan cheesecakes from family-owned Elive Food! Based here in Los Angeles, Elive Food offers a variety of mesmerizing vegan cashew cheesecakes made locally with love. These delicious cashew cheesecakes come in over eight flavors and are readily available for delivery, custom orders, and catering within the LA area! Don’t leave it to the last minute, visit today to pick out your favorite vegan cakes and prepare to be wowed. 

Seasonal Salad Showstopper

One of the best (and healthiest) dishes to bring to a fall gathering, is a large seasonal salad. First, pick a base. Choose from kale (prep by salting and massaging with olive oil), arugula, or spinach. Then add in chopped fruits and veggies such as sliced apples, celery, blackberries, and avocado. Sprinkle some walnuts and pumpkin seeds on top, salt, pepper, and dress with a balsamic vinaigrette, and voila! This is just one out of hundreds of scrumptious fall salad recipes to choose from.

With these fall classics, you’ll have some inspiration at the ready for your next holiday dish. Not only are these dishes all healthful, vegan, and plant-based, but they’re also positively delicious! After just one bite of Elive Food’s vegan cheesecakes, there’s no going back to the dairy-heavy cheesecakes of the past. Choose plant-based, shop local, and come prepared for your next fall feast with the ultimate crowd-pleaser!

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