The Breakfast of Champions


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Not only a satirical Kurt Vonnegut novel but also a widely popular Wheaties advertising slogan, “The Breakfast of Champions” has taken on many a definition over the past few decades. An ironic appellation for junk food or other foods implied to be unhealthy, this expression is oftentimes used as a sarcastic joke when we see a roommate munching on cookies or popcorn before 11 am. This expression holds significant meaning in our unique American culture, as we likely could all admit to having been there before. Eating unhealthy foods while fully aware of the damage it may be wreaking on our bodies is something we’re all guilty of at some point or another. Breakfast, or ‘“breaking the fast” is widely interpreted from household to household, from State to State, and from varying economic backgrounds. Yet disregarding these outside influences, the true meaning and intent of breakfast is to resume eating after a long (and healthy) fasting period. Breakfast being the very first nourishment we feed ourselves after fasting, we should be carefully considering what we consume first thing in the morning. In order to replenish our system and reboot our vitals, we truly need The Breakfast of Champions to start our day off right. 

Unfortunately, this is hardly the case. Particularly here in the States, most Americans view breakfast as that thing we have to hurry through before heading off to school, work, or other life engagements. With the majority of us failing to recognize that breakfast is perhaps the single most important meal of the day, we consume whatever is easiest, fastest, or cheapest! So as an adult, and especially as a parent, how can you prepare yourself and educate your children on the importance of a healthy, well-balanced breakfast? Here are some tips for healthful breakfasts that will literally change your life.

Stockpile for Success

Living in a vegan, or plant-based household, meal planning can take much longer than average. Arm yourself with the right staples to breeze through the morning with ease and poise- all while juggling a crazy schedule! This means having both frozen and dry goods available to whip up in a matter of minutes for yourself and your family. Frozen berries and spinach, oat milk and nut butter are all great staples to have around for whipping up quick green smoothies and other breakfast classics like peanut butter and banana toast. Elive Food pre-made products like their Tumeric Cauliflower buns with chia seeds are so versatile you can use them as a gluten-free bread alternative. Just pop in the toaster and then top with avocado, a pinch of salt and pepper, and voila! Avocado toast made even healthier. 

Switch it Up!

Experiment with your kitchen ingredients to craft exciting alternatives to what would typically be unhealthy breakfast classics like carb-packed, sugar-heavy french toast, or waffles. A great example?

Green Smoothie Waffles. I know it sounds crazy, but you can literally turn your favorite green smoothie into a protein-rich, Vitamin A packed waffle. And your kids won’t be able to taste any difference! Take all your typical smoothie ingredients like spinach, berries, almond or oat milk, non-fat Greek yogurt, protein powder, and mix in a bowl with almond or oat flour, baking powder, and salt. Then pour the contents into your blender and blend for a few seconds until thoroughly mixed. Then simply spray your waffle iron with non-stick spray, pour the mixture in and wait a few minutes. Serve with maple syrup and enjoy!

What’s All the Hype About?

Not only does breakfast food taste ahhmazing, but It replenishes your body’s supply of glucose to help boost your energy levels and alertness, ensuring you and your body have a successful day ahead. Breakfast is also a great excuse to enjoy a cozy morning ritual, either alone or with your family. Taking the needed time to cook breakfast presents a time for you to wake up from the night before, spend time with your children, and lean into the quiet pleasures of the morning. Quiet moments before the day really starts can make all the difference in your mental health throughout the day. Once you’re out the door, it’s off to the races, and there’s no crawling back in bed! Heading into the colder months, we crave to enjoy the indoors, and all the creature comforts if has to offer.

This fall, stock your home with all the fall necessities, including all your vegan favorites such as Elive Food’s Vegan Dipping sauces, Cauliflower Buns, and Premade Vegan Dressings to spice up any dish! Check us out at for more recipes, fall inspiration, and to order the best vegan products in Los Angeles! Family owned and operated, Elive Food is a boutique business with a mission for feeding Southern California the best plant-based food possible. 

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