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Unique Gift-Giving Ideas

May 10, 2023

Whether we love the holidays or despise them, most of us still have a burning desire to engage in routine gift-giving, regardless of what holiday we celebrate or what beliefs we have. Taking consumerism out of it, the practice of giving is something truly beautiful. And we can redefine what giving means to us anytime we want. This holiday season we urge you to rethink the kinds of gifts you’ll be buying your beloved friends and family. After all, as consumers, we decide the future of our planet, our collective health, and well-being. It’s not enough anymore to simply go to the local mall and pick out a nice piece of clothing or pointless electronics and feel like we’ve done the holidays successfully. The materialism of the holiday season is quickly becoming outdated as we start to recognize our environmental impact on the planet- and our wallets!

These days, gift-giving comes in many forms, and with sustainability on the forefront of many minds, and a rejection of single-use plastics and unnecessary wrapping, we are asked to reconsider what and how we gift-give this holiday season. We decided to make a fun and hopefully helpful list of holiday gifts you can draw inspiration from. From DIY projects to intangible gifts, cute “I owe-yous” to food- we’ve got you covered!

Make it Yours

Just about everyone has a soft spot for the homemade holiday present. As something that used to be expected only from children or teens, DIY gifting is a fast-growing trend across all age groups. After-all, homemade presents tend to feel much more meaningful, personal and have an invaluable quality that store-bought presents simply can’t mimic. Here are some fun do-it-yourself presents to surprise your loved ones with:

  • Handmade ceramics (plates, bowls, vases, quirky sculptures). These are also great conversation starters and will liven up any home!
  • Framed dried flower arrangements. Make dried flowers and little findings a permanent fixture for the home. Start by drying your favorite hand-picked flowers, then lay them out on a sheet of paper, thoughtfully arrange each piece and then glue the flowers or little mementos to the paper. After dried, you can slip the piece into an old, unused frame with glass et voila! You have a sustainable work of art that cost little to no money.
  • Print and frame your favorite pictures. This is a tradition seemingly lost on the current moment, as we live in a digital world and many of our favorite photos never see the light of day. We forget what a joy it is to have framed photographs throughout the home. Consider printing some of your favorite moments this season!
  • Try your hand at painting. Even if you’re not much of an artist, use the opportunity to try something new and pick a favorite photograph to paint. You can use acrylic, watercolor, or oil paints (if you’re more advanced). Paintings make great presents!
  • Body scrub. This is super fun and an easy one to make from home! There are tons of creative body scrub recipes online to choose from, many of which only require sugar, oil, scent, and little extras like dried flowers to go inside.

Intangible But Not for Nothing

Unmaterial items as a form of gift-giving is a unique and highly personal present that will tantalize your receiver and be thoroughly cherished.

Good examples of intangible gifts are:

  • Writing and performing a song or a piece of poetry for your loved one
  • I-owe-yous such as “I owe you one hour-long massage” or “I owe you a beautiful home-cooked meal”. These are fun and require no spending, no stressful trips to the store, and no packaging- just some thoughtful consideration and time!
  • A trip. Maybe it’s heading out to Mexico for a week, or perhaps it’s a small-scale trip during these COVID times, like a camping trip to Yosemite or Joshua Tree. Sometimes just getting a little fresh air- and perspective- can make the perfect present.

The Way to Someone’s Heart is Through Their Stomach

Speaking of Joshua Tree, the other best gift you can give this holiday season is the gift of great food. And not just any food, but home-made, vegan food straight from the California desert! Elive Food is the plant-based go-to for healthy takes on American classics like cheesecakes, buns, dips, and dressings. Elive Food also makes it easier than ever to source your vegan staples by providing online ordering to southern California families! Simply head over to the online shop, fill up your cart with your plant-based favorites, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.