Why is Joshua Tree Tourism Soaring?


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Over the past year, tourism to Joshua Tree has reached unprecedented levels. Visitors have flocked from all over the country and the state to enjoy the unparalleled peace and serenity of the high desert. This spike in tourism would normally come as a surprise if looking back on previous years. After all, the California desert attracts little annual tourism- without luxury hotels, nearby water, or even shade, the arid location wasn’t exactly the globe trotters’ idea of a good time. But something has significantly shifted over this last year, a certain change in mentality which has caused the general public to seek a relationship with nature and the outdoor world more than ever before.

The coronavirus has, without a doubt, altered just about every one of our normal activities and interests. From work to school, social events, to simple lifestyle luxuries (such as gyms and hair salons). These difficulties have caused us to seek other options for entertainment. We no longer have the ability to go out and see a movie on a Saturday night or go dancing with our friends. Sports are essentially canceled, as are most other extracurricular activities. So when we consider all of these factors, the growing number of visitors to Joshua tree actually makes total sense. The desert is a stunning reprieve from the chaos of an urban city and it affords a connection with nature many had been missing out on for years. And with little social interaction necessary in the desert, families and friends alike can enjoy a relaxing weekend away in nature without needing to wear a mask or constantly apply hand sanitizer. The grand return to nature!

So if you’re like most people wondering where to travel to next, or if you’re seeking a quiet winter holiday getaway, Joshua Tree is a great destination. So what exactly does this beautiful natural landscape have to offer?

To Stay

In Joshua Tree, you can expect to find little tourist attractions or distractions. After all, Joshua Tree has no booming hotel industry or anything close to a resort-like stay. The closest you’ll get to luxury is a thoughtfully curated Airbnb or other short-term rentals owned by desert locals. And while some might be intimidated by the utter lack of industry out in Joshua tree, others find it to be a wonderful opportunity to explore a new landscape in an authentic way, free from high prices and touristic gimmicks. If you’re feeling particularly outdoorsy, there are countless parks to camp in! Simply look online or book through the national park. Some of the camping is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so make sure to get into the parkers earlier than later!

Active Lifestyle

During the day, you can drive into Joshua Tree National Park, which is only a $30 entrance fee and the pass lasts for one whole week! This park is the adventure enthusiast’s playground, with hiking trails, mountain biking opportunities, and everything in between. The best part? Natural hot springs are littered throughout the mountains!

To Eat

One characteristic about Joshua Tree that many don’t realize is its up-and-coming health food scene. Collective humanity is moving towards a more sustainable, plant-based diet and Joshua Tree is a great place to start a dietary revolution! One of the best-kept desert secrets, is female-founded vegan supplier, Elive Food! A business created by Ayurvedic enthusiast and mother, Julie Atri, Elive Food is the one-stop-shop for your favorite vegan staples, desserts, and a wealth of plant-based knowledge found on her bi-weekly recipe blogs. Julie is not just a vegan cook and Baker, but an all-around health advocate and plant-based powerhouse! Her delicious vegan creations can be found in select grocers across Los Angeles, and now in Joshua Tree too! Her plant-based creations range from cashew vegan cheesecakes to salad dressings, dips, sauces, and even turmeric cauliflower burger buns! So don’t worry about being able to cook amazing vegan dishes just yet. Get your main vegan staples sent straight to your doorstep by ordering online at Elivefood.com today!

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Why is Joshua Tree Tourism Soaring?

Over the past year, tourism to Joshua Tree has reached unprecedented levels. Visitors have flocked from all over the country and the state to enjoy the unparalleled peace and serenity

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